Understanding the Features and Benefits of Cisco Room Bar Pro

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If your business is into video meetings and conferences, you are probably aware of what Cisco Room Bar Pro is. Cisco Room Bar Pro is an integrated, AI-enhanced video bar solution featuring intelligent dual cameras, a three-channel loudspeaker system, built-in microphone array, a powerful computing engine and rich connectivity options, combined with an intuitive touch controller and smart room accessories to provide intelligent, inclusive video collaboration for medium-sized meeting spaces. In simple words, it is a powerful video conferencing device that connects with up to three screens to video-enable and upgrade medium meeting rooms, training rooms and other spaces in a way that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale.

This smart video bar scales artificial intelligence- powered video meeting experiences, room configuration flexibility, interoperability and workspace intelligence to elevate video conferencing from a wide set of workspaces. This blog explores the features and benefits of Cisco Room Bar Pro for businesses in great detail.


AI-Enhanced, Cinematic Video Meetings

  • Full HD, immersive video meetings powered by an all-in-one, codec-powered video conferencing appliance optimized for medium workspaces.
  • Simplified, one-button-to-push meeting-join experience on Webex and third-party meeting apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, powered by robust video interoperability (available in RoomOS mode).
  • Native support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android while providing the ability to join full- featured Webex meetings (coming soon).
  • Sleek, all-in-one design and thin form factor available in carbon and first light colour options to augment the room experience.
  • Video bar includes an integrated, codec-powered video collaboration bar featuring 96MP dual camera system, noise cancelling microphone array, 3-channel loudspeakers, a powerful computing engine featuring an AI-powered NVIDIA chipset, and extended connectivity options via Ethernet, USB, HDMI and analog ports.
  • Brings optimized, AI powered views using camera intelligence:
    • 112-degree horizontal field of view supported by the wide-angle lens: Allows everyone in the room to remain visible, even when capturing people at a shorter distance. In parallel, the 70-degree-field-of-view tele-lens captures and frames those located further from the device. An additional virtual lens via software enhancement allows to extend the camera reach to make sure even those sitting at the far-end of the table come across sharp (coming soon).
    • Frames camera mode: Uses AI to automatically capture a condensed view of in-room participants and frame them individually or in smaller groups for more equitable meetings (available on Webex and third-party meeting platforms).
  • Beamforming, 16-element microphone array allows for enhanced noise cancellation and voice capture for a more inclusive experience for remote participants. Combined with machine learning- powered noise removal, it blocks out even those unwanted background noises that are not eliminated by traditional noise cancellation technologies.
  • Audio pickup can be extended with external microphones to adapt to a wider array of meeting spaces over IP (support for up to three Cisco Table Microphone Pro units), USB and analog connectivity.
  • 3-channel loudspeaker system allows for clear stereo sound on any platform and supporting directional audio in Webex Meetings by emitting sound closer to the live video feed of the active remote speaker, resulting in a truly immersive, spatial audio experience.

Flexible Connectivity

  • Supports three screens for video and content over HDMI out.
  • Supports dual content sources for local meetings (HDMI and USB-C).
  • View whiteboard content and annotations shared from Cisco Board Series, Desk Series, or the Webex App.
  • 4K wireless content sharing for exceptional presentations with Webex, Miracast and Apple AirPlay.
  • USB passthrough for instant BYOD - Connect your laptop with Room Bar Pro via a single USB-C to use the camera, microphones, and speakers of the device for an instant studio.
  • Streamlined connectivity with AV over IP room peripherals, including Cisco and third-party digital microphones, external IP cameras, and more accessories over PoE.
  • USB-A connection for microphones, speakers, keyboard, and touch display.
  • Automatic screen/display integration through HDMI CEC.
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®*

Workspace Intelligence

  • Runs on RoomOS for an intuitive, secure user experience that is consistent across Cisco Room, Board and Desk Series—removing barriers from adoption with an operating system purpose-built for video collaboration.
  • Uses ultrasound technology to automatically detect presence and activate the device when someone walks into the room and recognizes them through their mobile device.
  • Comes with the Cisco Room Navigator tabletop control unit for native conference controls, access to device settings, room controls, and environmental sensor-based monitoring. Can be paired with the wall-mount Room Navigator to augment the room experience with room booking, scheduling, and third-party workspace experience applications for space reservation, wayfinding, digital signage, and more.
  • Provides intelligent people count based on presence sensors and custom macros, enabling alignment with safety guidelines and analytics for better resource planning.
  • Enables smart customizations via macros and custom APIs, such as digital signage, custom alerts, and UI extensions.
  • Device controls with voice commands using the Webex Assistant chatbot.
  • Control peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Cisco Room Navigator.
  • Environmental sensors when connected to the touch controller measure humidity, temperature, noise levels and air quality.

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Simplified Deployment and Management

  • Unified management, provisioning, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, cloud API integration, device and workspace analytics in the Control Hub device management portal.
  • Flexibility to register on-premises or in the Webex Cloud.
  • Hardware is optimized to run on a cloud platform for great experiences in shared rooms and spaces with easy access to hosted conferences.
  • Single vendor and support path simplify IT efforts and helps reduce operating costs.
  • Secure architecture and management powered by Cisco RoomOS operating system.
  • Circular device design simplified and 100% recyclable packaging, and optimized energy consumption for sustainability. Carbon emission insights coming soon to Control Hub to help keep track of and optimize the carbon footprint of the Cisco device deployment.

A thorough look and analysis of the above-mentioned features and benefits will give you a clear picture of the exceptional advantages of having Cisco Room Bar Pro and also give you a clear-cut idea of where it fits in your business. Cisco Room Bar Pro is the first choice of many global brands when it comes to choosing the right platform for video meetings and conferences. You too can join their league and take your business higher and further with it.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj