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Neat, the latest addition in the rich portfolio of Telecraft's video devices, is the best way to connect and collaborate. As one of the most advanced hardware solutions, Neat video devices support video meetings on Microsoft Teams and Zoom effortlessly and keep users well connected. Thus, empowering them to be more productive while providing a safer hybrid work environment. The simple but effective Neat devices provide best-in-class audio and video to turn any virtual meeting into a memorable experience. Neat allows to equip any space with video in no time and brings rich and meaningful experiences. Be it for training, huddle, workshop, meeting or any other collaboration, Neat Video Conferencing Devices make it easier, better and smarter.


When it comes to benefits, Neat is a complete package. Giving the best, closest to a real-life meeting experience, it aims to bridge the physical divide between attendees and makes the whole experience more engaging and natural. Here are its most common benefits that any organisation, irrespective of its size, can make the most of.

remote participants

It offers Next Symmetry which enables remote participants to engage more naturally and freely.

supresses unwanted noises

It supresses any unwanted noise that comes from outside of your designated meeting space.


It empowers you to stand up or walk around for better well-being without compromising on your video and audio feed.


Its devices connect seamlessly with MS Teams and Zoom and give every participant equally rich experience.


Its camera avoids distractions and sets up virtual width and depth to define your meeting space.


Its devices automatically wake up when you enter the meeting room and share your screen with just one tap.

voice separation

Its audio makes sure that even if two people speak simultaneously, neither one of their voices get muffled.

room analytics

It gives you precise real-time room analytics for safer, cost-effective and healthier meeting spaces.


No matter what size your organisation is or how many employees actively participate in video meetings constantly, Neat definitely has a solution for you. Depending on your goals and budget, you can choose the device that suits you the best. Since Neat is now compatible with both MS Teams and Zoom, each plan gives you the advantages you usually look for in a video meeting device. Here are the three products that Neat currently offers.

Neat Bar

Collaboration System

neat bar

Neat Bar is a compact and highly capable meeting device.

It’s perfect for bringing superior-quality audio and video to your huddle, focus and meeting spaces.

Neat Bar includes Camera, Speakers, Microphones and environmental sensors,all in one compact design.

Neat Bar comes with a dedicated Neat Pad Controller and optional Scheduling Display.

Neat Bar Pro

Video Conferencing Device

neat bar pro

Neat Bar Pro packs a stack of tech into a simple and elegant slimline device.

It’s capable of driving three large screens, has two extreme resolution cameras, a multiple microphone array and three full-range speakers.

Ideal for delivering superior-quality audio, video, and other unique capabilities to your huddle, focus, meeting, and conference rooms, Neat Bar Pro comes with a dedicated Neat Pad controller and integrated environmental sensors.

Neat Board

Collaboration System

neat board

Neat Board transforms the meeting space experience by fitting powerful technology and all the capabilities of Zoom in an elegant all-in-one design.

Neat Board includes Screen, Camera, Speakers, Microphones and environmental sensors all in one compact design.

It’s perfect for bringing superior-quality audio, video and collaboration tools to your huddle, focus and meeting spaces.

Neat Board works standalone but can also be accompanied by optional Neat Pad Controllers and Scheduling Displays.

About Zoom Rooms

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About MS Teams Rooms

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