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Ever been in a situation where a client asked you to accommodate a communication solution that is not compatible with the one that you use? Or when your colleague who is working from home tries connecting with you from his system that just does not work with yours?

Well, in such cases, you end up disappointing not just the client, and your colleague but yourself too, by wasting time and not being efficient and productive enough!

There is only one solution to this chaos – interoperability.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability connects various meeting platforms and devices to bring everyone into the same meeting. This is how it allows us to use the software and hardware that we know the best while letting the other involved party use their preferred tools, making the experience seamless. In short, it enables various video meeting solutions to work seamlessly with each other.

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1. Collaborate comfortably

Frequent use of the same tools makes you comfortable using them. When you collaborate with others using the same tool, you tend to communicate better. By the same logic, if you are suddenly introduced to another tool, that you are uncomfortable using, you might not be able to give your best. interoperability allows you to use the tools that you are most comfortable using, regardless of what the other party is using.

2. Communicate seamlessly

Good communication is the key to any business. To meet any business goal, teams have to frequently collaborate and deal with third parties. Hence, it is extremely important to make sure that lack of experience or comfort in using a particular tool does not come in the way of communication. Interoperability allows you to use your preferred tools, eliminating the need to use the tools you are not experienced using, making your communication smooth and effective.

3. Increase efficiency

It is obvious that when teams are comfortable, they are more efficient. And, when they are uncomfortable, they can never give their best. Many studies have also proven the same. Interoperability lets you work comfortably, making you more efficient and productive.

4. Facilitate innovation

Innovation is the backbone of all organisations. Without innovation, there is no growth. Sometimes the lack of effective communication between the teams can hamper innovation and creativity. Interoperability ensures that good ideas don’t get lost in weak communication by letting you converse comfortably and effectively.

Bringing out the best in all

From comfortable collaborations to powerful communication, interoperability ensures to bring out the best in every employee, helping all become a better version of themselves.

The supporting solutions

This experience of interoperability only gets better with many supporting solutions that are available in the market. For instance, with a touch panel or remote of Cisco or Poly, you can join any meeting including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and Cisco Webex with just a press of a button.

So, if your workplace is a hybrid one, and is not interoperable yet, it is high time it is made that!

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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj