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With the Covid-19 pandemic, the business world has changed drastically!

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The restrictions on travel have made working from home a new normal making it challenging to connect and communicate. Adapting to this new way of working virtually with the team and the clients has been difficult, with the lines between work and home becoming increasingly blurred. The employees did save the time which went into the commute, and with the home-like warm environment, the productivity was expected to increase drastically, however, with lacking resources, and irregular time management, the average working hours for the working class started to increase instead where they would find themselves working anytime, as it involved doing the same amount of work with ample distractions around.

But not anymore! Our all-new Cisco Webex platform is a one app solution for all your online meeting needs, and allowing users to focus, prioritize and get things done.

Designed for all devices, this AV integration technology lets you enjoy voice calling, video calling, instant messaging, polling, events and a lot more with ease and high data security.

Here’s how the new app capabilities that are recently introduced, make connecting and collaborating easier than ever before.

Message Highlights help to prioritize tasks and manage time.

Round Table Meeting Template allows the host to assign an order to the speakers and mute others until it’s their turn.

Immersive Share and Gestures technology facilitates dynamic content sharing and use of Webex AI which provides real-time reactions using participants’ body language.

Considering that some employees may return to their offices in the near future, while the others may continue working from home, we have added new devices to our portfolio.

The Webex Desk Camera enhances the remote meeting experience

The Webex Desk Hub connects to your profile, allowing you to make any desk familiar as your own.

The Webex Desk offers popular Desk Pro features at a competitive price

The Webex Wireless Phone provides secure video, voice and text conversations in even the most challenging of environments

All this only gets better with our high data security features.

Deep End-To-End Encryption and Secure Identity secures identity for cloud-connected Webex devices, meeting recordings, and transcriptions.

Comprehensive Data loss Prevention (DLP) ensures that sensitive data is not lost

Ethical Walls prevents prohibited content from being spoken, shared and if necessary, restricts teams from collaborating


Established in 2002, our company, Telecraft eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in unified communication, collaboration, AV system integration and networking solutions for over a decade and a half, by working and meeting the needs of some of the biggest IT brands and proven ourselves in diverse verticals including FMCG, hospitality, entertainment, and infrastructure.

With Cisco’s partnership, WebEx offers integrated calling plans, messaging, meetings, and devices, all on a single bill. It’s now available in the US and rolling out globally.

To know more visit and find the ultimate solution.

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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj