Exploring the Top-Class Features of the Cisco Table Microphone Pro

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Exploring the Top-Class Features of the Cisco Table Microphone Pro

Redefining the way people experience audio during a meeting, Cisco Table Microphone Pro is a multi-directional audio peripheral designed to bring advanced voice capture and audio processing to your meeting rooms of all sizes. A digital table microphone device that supports Audio over IP technology for supreme sound quality, Cisco Table Microphone Pro offers an inclusive audio experience for people joining video meetings remotely along with unified device management while providing seamless plug-and-play connectivity with the latest generation of Cisco room kits and video conferencing endpoints.

Since Cisco Table Microphone Pro is powered by audio over IP for elevated sound quality, simplified deployment, and improved manageability, it provides built-in digital signal processing and seamless connectivity with Cisco video conferencing endpoints, including the Room Kit EQ, Room Kit Pro and Room Panorama. It uses an array of built-in, sensitive microphone elements to apply intelligent levelling, equalization and mixing of all voices captured to enable natural sound for participants on the far end. It automatically tracks voice in the room, adjusts speech pickup in the background and rejects sounds from other parts of the workspace.The exterior housing of this compact microphone is made of durable, perforated steel that showcases simple and elegant aesthetics and is yet robust for everyday use. Inside the device, a carefully crafted suspension system with rubber housing around each microphone helps prevent vibration and enable supreme pickup quality.

Now that you are aware of what makes Cisco Table Microphone Pro a class apart, let's explore its most important features. For the ease of understanding, we have divided them into four categories.


  • Multi-directional, adaptive voice capture that only picks up speech from the active speaker(s) and filtering noise coming from other directions – resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio and improvedacoustic experience for remote participants
  • Each device contains 4 main microphone elements for voice pickup, enabling a directional capture of audio in the room. This gives remote participants a crisp, spatial sound experience of being in the same room with all participants during calls
  • It captures participant voices from different directions and delivers multiple streams of high-fidelity audio. The microphone recognizes which side of the table the speaker is on and enables a spatial audio experience for far-end participants (requires a video endpoint or speaker system that supports directional audio to be used on the far end) by emitting sound closer to the in-room participant's live video feed
  • The microphone's built-in noise cancellation architecture and audio processing is augmented by Machine Learning-based noise removal when connected to the video endpoint to block out unwanted noises
  • Applies intelligent levelling, equalizing and mixing of voices captured to enable natural sound for participants on the far end


  • Powered by Ethernet connectivity, the microphone is fully manageable via Control Hub alongside Cisco video endpoints and collaboration peripherals
  • Eases the IT admin experience with a single dashboard for cloud device management, configurations, and device metrics
  • The microphone is unique in supporting Cisco's proprietary encryption to help ensure that conversations are captured and processed in a safe and secure way without exposing them to the network, helping organizations meet stringent data security requirements (requires connection with a Cisco video endpoint)

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  • The microphone is simple to set up and configure and works seamlessly with Cisco video endpoints out of the box, without the need to deploy an external Digital Signal Processor
  • It supports Audio over IP (AoIP) technology to help organizations make their room deployment easier to install and scale, leverage better compatibility and manageability, and benefit from excellent, lossless audio quality
  • Up to 8 microphones can be connected to optimize room coverage (consult with your sales representative about the number of microphones supported by the specific video endpoint)
  • Each device can connect directly to the video endpoint or to a single switch in case of a series of microphones deployed, meaning only one Ethernet cable is needed between the table and the video system


  • Clear status light: toggling from speech to mute mode is enabled via a concave capacitive touch button that enables silent handling while a discrete tri-colour LED gives feedback around mute status
  • The design showcases simple and elegant aesthetics and is yet robust for everyday use. Its size is remarkably compact for its powerful capabilities
  • The magnetic attachment to the table adapters enables a simple and versatile mounting experience: the on-table configuration provides two optional cable outlets to streamline the cable presence or even hide the cabling completely, while when set up recessed into the table, the microphone blends in even more and hides the cable from view
  • The device has been recognized in the Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design

In conclusion, we can say that theCisco Table Microphone Pro is more than just another audio peripheral, it is an experience that elevates every meeting. The unmatched features it offers make it the perfect as well as the preferred choice for your space. Get it today to change the way you experience audio, forever.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj