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Outsourcing trends continue to touch different industries and domains, and the IT sector is not an exception. Global IT spending is on the rise and is expected to see further upward movement in the future. With that, it becomes critically important to safeguard the data used and generated through conventional data centers. This is where SASE Model comes into play, providing cloud-based enterprise network security framework, designed to address the network and security challenges caused by digital business transformation.

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge or SASE is a cloud-based model to provide secure access to organisations and employees. It combines networking operations and security functions together in the cloud in such a manner to provide secure and seamless access to applications. In other words, no matter where your employees are, with SASE, they will be able to access data through the network safely and securely from anywhere and anytime.


SASE is an all-in-one bouquet of functions needed by an organizations for their day-to-day operations. Be it secure web gateway or software-defined wide area network, firewall as a service or cloud access security broker or simple zero-trust network access, SASE makes all of it possible through one consolidated and integrated cloud service. In a nutshell, SASE offers best-in-class networking, security and observability, along with the flexibility and investment protection to transition to the cloud at your own pace.

Three reasons to choose Cisco for SASE

Cisco is the leading service provider that provides all the building blocks of a SASE architecture suiting every type and size of organisation and its budget. Cisco expertise and experience in this field empowers any organisation to make the most of SASE by simply combining network and security functionality in a single, cloud-native service which can be accessed securely by authorised persons from anywhere.

Connect: Delivers a seamless connection to applications in any environment from any location.

Control: A multifunction security service ensures process streamlining, increased protection and complete security.

Converge: Offers a flexible, integrated approach that meets multi-cloud demands at scale by uniting security and networking

Start your SASE journey with Telecraft

No matter what size and type your organisation is, Cisco’s global infrastructure delivers the best-in-class networking and security. Which enhances your organisation’s capability to meet operational needs by simplifying processes and offering flexible solutions.

5 things to keep in mind while starting:

Always keep a single vendor using integrated solutions to simplify things

Use existing investment to ease the transition

Choose the best consumption model depending upon your business needs

Streamline policy creation and management

Always secure all users and devices

Telecraft is an authorised partner of Cisco and is one of the leading SASE service providers in India.

To get started with SASE, call us on +91- 81300-00236 or write to us at and we will get in touch with you. Have a happy SASE journey ahead.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj