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In a world that is quickly conforming to a Hybrid workspace solution, everyone is searching for that perfect setup that gives you unparalleled quality, security, ease of use, and a unified control and management system. This holds especially true when organizations are considering which video conferencing solutions to implement.

To better understand this need, we need to first examine what we mean by “Hybrid Workspace”. The traditional 9-5 office work style has evolved. Nowadays, most companies and organizations are adopting a policy where employees are no longer required to come to the office every day. This although great for employees, does come with its own unique set of challenges.

Firstly, how can we ensure that employees who either work from home or come to the office (or any other public venue) can have the same experience. All features and tools must be made available in any circumstance and provide consistent results. In terms of Video conferencing, whether you host/join a meeting from your home, a public space or from the office, companies would need to ensure a high quality, comparable and consistent experience across all forms. Another point to consider is that not only are employees varied in terms of where they are working from, they also vary in the devices they use. When considering different models, OS or devices, for example mobiles, tablets, or laptops, some would even use more than one device at a time, the variations and permutations are endless. To provide a user-friendly, easy to navigate consistent interface, also compatible with third party apps and tools, presents a huge challenge to surpass.

Companies also need to recognize and address that users or employees working in different environments with varied devices would be exposed to different levels of security threats. Those working on-prem can be secured easily through onsite firewalls and security programs. However, when it comes to home offices or public spaces, it becomes harder to provide a secure platform. It can become a nightmare for IT teams to configure and provide support to employees. Infinite variables can take up valuable time to analyze and correct. Time and resources are wasted, reducing productivity and continuity.

Looking at all these variables, can a single platform really cater to all? Yes. Cisco can. Cisco can accommodate all your company needs. Whether considering conference rooms, board rooms, huddle spaces, or even auditoriums, there is a perfect solution for everyone at Cisco.

The desk cameras are perfect for those workers who need to travel. They are small enough to carry easily and will attach to your laptop through a single wire. For such small devices, they provide stunning image quality, ensuring that you always look your best for every meeting.

The Desk series works best for those with dedicated workspaces (either at home or at the office). They provide an all-in-one desktop collaboration space. The integrated cameras, speakers and mic deliver great quality. These devices and features can easily replace your IP phones, monitors, speakers and more, decluttering your desk space and improving overall efficiency. Furthermore, they can even act as a secondary monitor should you need to increase your desktop space. Now, with the incorporation of hotdesking, these spaces are more adaptable than ever. Employees can now choose any available desk or workstation, simply sign in and work from there. Once finished they can then logout and the space will now be available to anyone else. Genius.

The Board Pro series offers a great platform to promote creativity and ideation. The interactive touch screen is extremely useful when there is a need to brainstorm and discuss any projects. You would be able to create virtual whiteboards that are easy to share and multiple parties within a virtual meeting can interact and communicate ideas easily.

The Cisco Webex Rooms and Room Kits can cater to all conferencing spaces, anywhere from small huddle rooms to giant auditoriums. These series of solutions are malleable and can be uniquely customized to fit the needs and purpose of the space. An open area huddle room, a lecture hall, a boardroom; the possibilities are endless.

Cisco is also constantly evolving to make a great experience even better. Everyday it introduces more and more third-party app integrations. This makes sure that more tools are available to make the conferencing experience engaging and fruitful.

All the devices are top of the line. The video quality offered is second to none. Features such as people focus, speaker tracking, and background noise suppression ensure an experience where even the remote workers feel as though they are in the room. Whiteboarding ensures that the flow of ideas and creativity remains unimpeded. All of this adds up to generate effective communications. This in turn improves employee satisfaction and boosts overall performance.

Best of all, Cisco Webex offers a dashboard, the Webex Control Hub, that allows insight into meeting quality, device health, connection quality and security threats (both within and outside of your company mainframe). All this information is at your fingertips so that it is easy to isolate, analyze and resolve any problems quickly. Furthermore, should you opt for a full-stack Cisco Solutions, this dashboard can be further expanded to give the user visibility into their entire network. IT support can access Control Hub and configure, troubleshoot, and manage from anywhere, saving time and money. They can also create policies to hasten the deployment of new devices.

Cisco is consistently and regularly updating their devices to combat the ever-increasing number of security threats. Security has always been an intrinsic part of Cisco ethos, not an afterthought. With an unbeatable reputation, you can be rest assured that you are able to always provide a safe and secure platform.

Looking at all the features and devices on offer from Cisco, it can be said that Cisco video conferencing solutions easily represent the best of the best when it comes to Video Conferencing. Then why would anyone settle for less. Great quality, great security and ever evolving to be better; that is why I choose Cisco for Video Conferencing.

Why us?

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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj