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The highest standard of luxury has all the boxes checked – lifestyle, rich delicacies, swarm of conveniences and so on. And where security matters come into play, it’s serious business. That is where The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel needed to sort out to maintain the crafted reputation of the niche hotel visitors.

A novel solution by Telecraft eSolutions in deploying Cisco Meraki Cloud managed cameras proved immensely valuable for the IT security of the hotel. Merging cutting-edge technology with the pedigree of the hotel’s opulence, the collaboration simplified such complex measures that resulted with Leela Ambience implementing this setup (383 cameras & 135 WIFI AP) immediately in its facility.

To take a closer look at this successful venture, glimpse at the challenges faced by the hotel, wherein our solutions seamlessly resolved the hotel’s IT vulnerabilities:

Challenges for The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel &Residences:

Low-quality resolution of analog camera system with multiple DVRs

Unclear of how many installed cameras work or not

Weak WIFI signal & connectivity

Meraki BOQ which is Deployed:

135 MR Access Points

351 MV Indoor Cameras

32 MV Outdoor Cameras

24 MS Switches

MX Security Appliance

How the projected has transformed the hotel’s IT department

Effective security and protection for the property and its guests Quick alert to the IT team & loss-in-coverage proof by maintaining single camera failurerather than multiple camera crash Efficient training of personnel who requires camera access to acquire video streams,historical feed, and camera analytics Security team now effectively oversees and governs camera access for different userswith the help of Advance analytics offered as standard package with MV Cameras Seamless deployment of WIFI with rich features to control such as Traffic Shaping andAccess Control Meraki switching provides more information on port level traffic analysis. It evensimplifies diagnostic check for the IT team.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj