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room kit mini

Cisco is thrilled to have been chosen for a Red Dot Award once again this year, this time for the Cisco Room Kit Mini video conferencing device, introduced recently. A video conferencing system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) designed explicitly for huddle workstyles, the Cisco Room Kit Mini.

WebEx video devices receive their 23rd Red Dot Award! Getting even one of them is an impressive feat. There are a lot of international product competitions, but Red Dot is among the largest. An audience of forty of the world’s most innovative designers evaluates around 6,000 products each year.

Among all video conferencing and collaboration vendors, no other vendor has won as many high-quality design awards.

We put the most significant emphasis on design quality because it is the design that delights millions of WebEx users through our products that satisfy through presence, as well as our collaboration software that enables teams to work together. Cisco WebEx provides a simple, consistent user experience across every workspace, seamlessly connected to purpose- built team collaboration devices.

Incorporating intelligence into collaboration experiences is Cisco's mission. AI and machine learning will alter how we work together and collaborate. More importantly, it will encourage deeper connections between people. The cognitive collaboration will be a product of human interaction combined with data-driven intelligence. With Cognitive Collaboration tied to our video devices, we believe we can shake things up. Co-located teams must perform at least as well as distributed teams.

We are revolutionizing meetings by bringing together the Cisco WebEx Room Kit Mini video device, our WebEx Meetings application, and cognitive collaboration features. As part of our thoughtful collaboration strategy across our entire WebEx portfolio, we are developing features to help you create agile workplaces, including People Insight of WebEx, speaker tracking, facial detection, noise detection, WebEx Assistant, philosophical views and more.

Bringing the Room Kit Mini into huddle spaces is critical as it brings collaboration technology to huddle spaces of any size that is simple to use and manage. Combining the codec, camera, microphone, and speakers into a single device that integrates with a 4K display, this new device democratizes the extensive conference room experience. The workplace transformation extends to small rooms and open areas within an enterprise. The same high-quality video conferencing and intelligent features once only found in large meeting rooms are available in small spaces at a price and manageability suitable for large-scale deployments. Even Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Blue Jeans users can experience a higher quality experience using the Room Kit Mini due to its USB pass- through capability.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj