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We are living in a world that was unimaginable a year ago. Contained in our homes, looking up at hope and help as our new allies, we are trying our best to manage our lives in a pandemic struck world. In these challenging times, we owe a great deal of gratitude to the healthcare providers, who are fighting our battles from the front. Along with them, essential workers, for going beyond the call of duty, and IT staff, for ensuring continuous operations in hospitals, business, educators and other necessary sectors are also the ones we all are thankful to. It is their efforts that are keeping our lives on track, as much as possible.

If you are one of those managing IT at a healthcare facility, you must be going through a difficult period and deploying hundreds of Covid-19 testing sites, triage centres and field hospitals under very non-IT supportive circumstances. Providing the best services to general public, you are also doing your best to keep staff members safe, like through wide scale telemedicine rollouts for doctors and nurses and making the most of technology to reduce infection of the front line staff and preserve PPE equipment.

In such case, Telecraft, with its bouquet of products from Meraki well suited for the current scenario, can help you do it better. Here’s how we plan to play a vital role and help to make the situation better.


Our MX Security & SD-WAN Appliances can help any healthcare organisation to get thousands of remote sites online quickly and securely. With its exceptional feature called configuration templates, it configures a thousand MX appliances in the same times that it takes to configure one. So no matter how many remote sites you want to deploy, you can always do all of them within minutes.

Other benefits of MX Appliances:

Zero-touch provisioning out of the box so the gear can be remotely pre-configured through your dashboard even before it arrives onsite

Comprehensive, enterprise-grade security

Failover links (including cellular LTE), maximizing uptime in locations experiencing spotty wired connectivity

Secure VPN to extend resources from permanent to temporary locations in only 3 clicks

Integrated Wi-Fi, allowing remote staff to connect to the same wireless network using the same authentication they’re accustomed to at permanent locations

Our MX Appliances empowers you to have a single-box solution for Wi-Fi, security and secure tunneling back to campus hospitals or main offices. Another benefit of the Meraki equipment is that it can be bought online within minutes and can be set up by people with no formal training, by simply accessing to power and Ethernet.

The MX Appliances also come handy when supporting more than 50 wireless clients with its auto-meshing MR Access Points feature. When struggling with uplink, our MG Cellular Gateways seamlessly transpose a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet for primary or failover connectivity. Which means that as long as your Meraki equipment is connected to power, you can maintain a strong connection to the internet through a cellular signal.


Meraki MX Appliances are extremely beneficial when doctors and nurses want to conduct secure virtual appointments, from a safe location, as MX Appliances can be drafted for duty. Moreover, there are Z3 and Z3C teleworker appliances too. The Z3 and Z3C are specially designed for home office use and can be easily configured to scale in only a few steps using our configuration template feature.

That’s not all. Z3 and Z3C are beneficial in more ways than one.

Zero onsite IT support is needed to bring these devices online. Just plug them and they come online automatically The intuitive VPN found in our MX Appliances can be leveraged to establish secure remote connectivity to patient health records and other hospital resources With integrated wireless, these devices enable telemedics to connect to their organization’s Wi-Fi networks using the same authentication they are accustomed to in their hospital or clinic settings They allow plug-in accessories, such as VoIP telephones often used in hospitals, to extend home office functionality Proactive monitoring and prioritization of critical applications, like videoconferencing, can easily be configured to help ensure quality of service

Meraki wireless APs leverage the built-in teleworker VPN functionality and double as VPN endpoints, offering additional flexibility with deployment options.


The current situation demands deployment of technology in various secure ways. To reduce staff exposure to infection and to preserve protective equipment like masks, face shields, personal kits, etc., remote visual monitoring is the best thing to consider. Cisco Desk Pro offer an efficient remote visual patient monitoring solution with which doctors can monitor up to 1000 patients at once. Completely scalable, they help protect staff members wittout compromising on best patient care. Fully secure and easy to deploy, Desk Pro need only a few minutes and no additional infrastructure.


Telecraft offers more solutions that can support healthcare organisation to make the most of their IT infrastructure and be more efficient. When the whole world is looking up to the healthcare sector for hope and help, we are eager to play our part in the process of providing the best care and treatment. Get in touch with us for the products you need and together we will not only face the challenges but overcome all of them. Write to us at sales@telecraft.in or visit www.telecraft.in


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj