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The world is not the same that we used to live in barely a year ago. In the middle of a pandemic, we all are doing our best to focus on the one thing that we all love – working! Our work defines us, it makes us who we are and what we stand for. We put our blood and sweat into it every single day. If there’s one thing that truly empowers us to work with the best of our abilities in the current scenario, it’s none other than internet.


The pandemic has changed things. Not only for now, but for many more months to come. Today, employees work from their homes and stay connected with each other over video calls, texting and emails. With each passing day, internet consumption is on a rise. And why not! It’s the thread that is currently binding the whole world together. Internet has become an inseparable part of the corporate world that it seems to come to a halt in its absence. For any organization, big or small, it is of utmost importance to make sure that all its members, who are working from remote locations, get easy access to internet in order to be productive, just the way they were at the office. So, job lists get done, deadlines are met and a situation does not turn into a crisis.


Owing to the situation we all are in, the tasks of all the IT managers have become more complicated than before. Earlier they had one or a couple of places to manage, now suddenly they have to take care of thousands of remote work stations. Since it is their job to ensure every team member gets quick and easy access to internet, they are under a lot of pressure to make things as smooth as possible. IT managers or IT admins, be it in corporate houses or healthcare (one sector where internet is proving to be the life blood as doctor consultation, nursing care and testing are done through it in most of the cases), have become the bridge for all kinds of communications. To make sure that these IT managers don’t face any technical disruptions, Telecraft’s bouquet of Cisco Meraki products can come handy and provide the much- needed round-the-clock connectivity.


Every individual is working hard to fulfil his role and finishing the day-to-day jobs. With their plate full of tasks, they don’t want to add configuring their VPN to it. Also, remote workplaces are more vulnerable to threats. Which is why IT managers should always be prepared to manage the security aspect and keep these threats at bay. With products from Cisco Meraki, Telecraft can help IT managers set up remote work stations with enhanced connectivity and create an always-on network. With devices ready to serve with just one plug-in, every individual can enjoy an office-like connectivity at home. With its efficient cloud-management, IT managers get their task cut in half as they can monitor the network from anywhere and provide the best support anytime.

The best tools to take care of a remote work station with Telecraft:

Create a site-to-site VPN in a few clicks over a WAN link

Seamlessly and securely provide remote network access via Wi-Fi over an encrypted tunnel

Maintain service continuity with cellular backup

Keep end-user devices secure when off-network

Perform remote troubleshooting of employee connectivity and applications

The Meraki dashboard has also been updated to allow IT admins to quickly identify VPN clients within the organization.

With Telecraft, your organisation can explore a plethora of products well suited to the challenging and testing times of today. From Webex to Cisco Security and more, we have the right solutions for you that will keep your business data and network safe and employees always connected. Explore them and see it for yourself.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj