Benefits and Features of WebEx PTZ 4K Camera Data Sheet

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One of the best in its class, The WebEx PTZ 4K Camera is a premium pan-tilt-zoom camera that offers four unmatched features – superior video quality, powerful zoom capabilities, next-generation AI-based features and greater flexibility for optimised video collaboration. It provides a high-quality 4K resolution camera to capture videos with exceptional clarity and detail and offers remote participants a visually engaging experience. It comes with an exceptional zoom capability for close-up views and framing of distant objects. It features AI-powered face and upper body detection to make virtual interactions feel like in-person interactions. During a meeting or conference, the WebEx PTZ Camera enables the host to move around freely through its high-quality detection, framing and tracking features.

Here are its top five features.

  • It is flexible to pan/rotate horizontally, tilt/adjust vertically and zoom in/out to give a wide field of view along with the ability to focus on specific areas or team members.
  • Users can control it from a remote location, allowing them to adjust the camera’s position, zoom level and few other settings without being physically present near the camera .
  • It can also save and recall pre-set positions and enables quick and easy switching between different camera angles .
  • It offers a wide coverage and precise control to ensure better engagement between the host/speaker and participants.
  • It works seamlessly with video conferencing platforms, like WebEx, and offers easy setup, configuration and integration .

Here are the various benefits that WebEx PTZ 4K Camera brings along.

  • It enables inclusive video collaboration for remote participants through superior video clarity, rich colours, great smoothness, greater resolution and frame rate.
  • With high-quality video output for close-up framing of distant speakers and objects, it helps to ensure the best view at all times.
  • Offering AI-based face and upper body detection and tracking, it ensures that the presenter/speaker is visible to all participants at all times.
  • It comes with the dual placement advantage as it can be mounted on the wall or even installed on the ceiling in larger spaces and specialised rooms .
  • Its pan-tilt-zoom offers the best overviews and store pre-set positions for instant access to specific views using WebEx Room Navigator .
  • It offers easy device management for administrators on WebEx Control Hub when connected to a codec.
  • It supports remote firmware upgrades and troubleshooting.


WebEx PTZ 4K Camera is one of the most sought-after solutions that more businesses are looking forward to implementing. With its ability to offer inclusive collaboration experiences through a premium pan-tilt-zoom camera to provide high-quality video conferencing, it is a new-age video conferencing solution that overcomes all the expectations. It is built for spaces where special camera placement is needed, objects require close up views and a wide area needs to be covered. It offers seamless support to make sure that your video meetings are both intuitive and productive.

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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj