Emerging Tech Trends for AV Integrators 2023

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This year we saw a shift of most companies and organizations tohybrid workforce. This brought us many challenges and forced institutions to redesign their workflow and business models. We also saw marked improvements to supply chain issues that have hampered multiple industries the previous years.As shipping prices, raw materials, and microprocessors supply return to previous “normal” levels, we can expect further improvements in overall availability and pricing for products.

As we look ahead to the next year, big changes are on the horizon. All AV companies are gearing up to better current solutions and introduce innovations to revolutionize the way we look at technology. Let’s take a quick look at what we can expect in the coming year.

With the advent of new technologies improving internet connectivity and stability (Wi-Fi 6, 5G etc.), we will be sure to see an increase in IoT and AI solutions. This means, we will see an increase in Smart and Touchless Solutions to support everyday needs as well as scaled AI solutions supporting manufacturing and production.Industrial Clouds systems or services may be introduced to the network fabrics to support specific industrial processes.

Companies willlook to invest in Smart buildings to ease monitoring and maintenance of their environments. We will also see a distinct rise in Cloud managed services and applications. AV integration specialist will need to integrate multiple solutions across multiple platforms and make it easy for the user to use, a mammoth task to say the least.

With Cisco and Microsoft announcing their collaboration with respect to Video Conferencing earlier this year, we will be sure to see massive improvements in the video conferencing solutions. Now, rather than being limited to a single platform, we are working towards a unified, high-quality experience across conferencing platforms and systems. Conferencing rooms themselves will undergo changes.They will change from PC centric solutions to VC centric setups. This means that Video Conferencing solutions are evolving to become more and more comprehensive and improving capabilities so that they do not require external computing power. They aim to be an “All in One” solution. This allows for an easier to install, use andmanage solution. We will also see the evolution of software codecs, replacing the codec hardware, again further reducing hardware components.

Following the improved internet access and video conferencing, we can safely say that more and more people will look to adopt to a tech-heavy work environment and thus increase their video/audio interactions. To match the demand for a better user experience,we can expect bigger innovations in both video and audio solutions.

Many companies are also investing in advanced AI and Machine Learning. The continuous feedback and learning, enables said AI system to always be up to date and prepared. The application for such can range from security to maintenance. AV Integration companies will need to monitor and understand the capabilities of such products and how they can be adapted to benefit the end user.

Companies are taking responsibility for their environmental impact and are actively looking to reduce their footprint. We will witness more companies increase their environmental sensitivity and change focus towards more sustainable technology, without compromising on the user experience. We expect to see more environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing practices being adopted worldwide.

For this coming year, we hope to see integrations that yield a seamless experience, promote cross-platform communications, automate tasks, and allow visibility into systems. We are looking to migrate to the cloud but also maintain security and usability.With so many innovations to look forward to 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for AV integrators and IT companies alike.

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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj