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The corporate world has changed drastically in the last one year. Homes are the new offices, living rooms are now conference rooms and dining tables have taken over the cafeterias. So much has changed for individuals and businesses alike. But one thing still remains the same – the need for technology to go about everyday work. Technology, like people, keeps on evolving. It gets better and better, if not by the day, then by the weeks or months. But it keeps getting better. Like it, every business, no matter how big or small, has to evolve. Cloud-managed IT is the next step of this evolution process.

All employees working from different are like remote work stations. Their bandwidth, security and mobility are both responsibility and challenge for an organization. In such a scenario, the organization’s data and information is fragile and barely secured. That’s why a modern and foolproof IT infrastructure is needed. Cloud-managed IT solutions are easy to deploy, fully scalable, completely secure and easily accessible round the clock. A cloud-managed IT system means a lot more than just the data bank. It is like an unbreachable firewall, a locker that only authorized personnel can access and an invisible device that can save you a lot of money.

Here are 5 reasons for you to consider moving towards cloud- based IT infrastructure.


A regular, physically-present-in-the-office IT infrastructure requires regular maintenance by an admin. If it runs into any trouble, the admin has to make a physical visit to resolve the issue. It you have a multi-site network, then you need as many admins to take care of it. Which increases both manpower and cost. And if the admin is not available, it can even mean loss of time and revenue. Fortunately, that is never the case with a cloud-managed IT infrastructure. It allows you to manage and trouble issues from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an IT admin, anywhere with good internet connection, to learn the network issue, diagnose the problem and solve it. It’s a time- saving, highly successful process that does not require too many resources.


Conventional IT infrastructures require a long installation process and come with a lot of maintenance protocols. If it is a multi-site deployment, then the process simply gets multiplied. So do the pain points! A cloud-managed IT infrastructure reduces the hassle drastically and simplifies the whole process; bringing both hard work and cost down. Since it also offers zero-touch provisioning, devices like access points, security appliances and VoIP phones can easily be pre-configured long before they arrive on-site. Moreover, the IT admin can also bulk-configure posts on internet-connected switches, no matter where they are physically located. Therefore, a cloud-managed system, in on-site setup, reduces the cost of infrastructure as well as manpower.


An IT infrastructure is always facing various kinds of threats from all directions. Keeping a keen eye into the whole system is an arduous task in itself. In order to stop those threats, the infrastructure has to be proactive, always attentive and up-to- date. The three main areas of concern in this regard are network traffic, security threats and device activity. Cloud- managed IT makes it a lot easier to manage and adds an additional layer of security. Cloud-managed IT infrastructure empowers the admin to look at application usage and enforce security policies at the firewall or access point, from the dashboard. Automatic firewall updates keep all threats at bay and notably reduce the manual burden while maintaining the highest levels of security.


A conventional IT infrastructure has many parts to it – wireless, switching, security, mobile device management and much more. Going through different vendors for different parts is a time taking process that may prolong the process of installation. Imagine going through such process if you have a multi-site deployment. Adding to the task is the requirement for the IT admin to learn how to navigate various interfaces and tackle different support lines, in case or when an issue arises.

On the other hand, a cloud-managed IT infrastructure allows everything to be managed from a single interface. An IT admin can view and control the complete network topology, make live updates and troubleshoot issues instantly with any devices and from any location. Since it is also scalable, the infrastructure can be expanded by adding new network and will be managed by the same interface. For growing organizations, cloud- managed IT is the way to go.

Thinking of getting a cloud-managed IT model for your organization now? Great! Telecraft has just got the right offer for you powered by Cisco Meraki – the world leader in cloud- managed IT. Choose from a handful of options, depending upon the size of your business and its IT needs. Whatever you decide to go ahead with, we can assure that your system will be fully secured, up to date, scalable and flexible. Be a forward thinker with Telecraft and switch to cloud-managed IT infrastructure now.


Be it conventional or cloud-managed, the cost of an IT infrastructure is always the first thing to be considered. When it comes to a conventional IT infrastructure, it is not just the hardware implementation cost but also the maintenance and support costs that need to be considered too. Here, cloud- managed IT comes to the rescue. It costs relatively much lower than the regular infrastructure and does not involve additional costs. In the long run, it helps to save more money with its flexibility and scalability. Since it is proactive to threats and issues, it also saves on lead-time to resolve issues and does not let work hamper. With less vendors, hardware, maintenance and support to deal with, a cloud-managed model saves money at every step, especially in case of a multi-site deployment.

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