11 Reasons to Upgrade Your Network with Cisco Spaces

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In today's business world that is highly driven by cloud-based software and best-in-class Wi-Fi systems, chances are very high that you are already familiar with Cisco Spaces, formerly known as Cisco DNA Spaces. Cisco Spaces is perhaps the best cloud-based collaboration platform developed by Cisco Systems that is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among teams and organizations. The platform provides a digital workspace where users can collaborate in real-time, enabling seamless teamwork and information sharing regardless of physical location. Cisco Spaces for businesses offers a variety of features to enhance collaboration, including messaging, voice and video conferencing, file sharing and task management.

One of the key aspects of Cisco Spaces is its focus on creating virtual rooms, which are dedicated spaces for specific projects, teams or topics. These virtual rooms serve as centralized hubs where team members can collaborate, share files, conduct meetings and track project progress. Each room can be customized with different communication channels, making it easy to organize discussions and collaborate effectively.

Cisco Spaces, as a part of Cisco Network Solutions, also emphasizes integration with other Cisco collaboration tools and services, creating a unified ecosystem for users. This integration allows seamless connectivity with tools like Cisco WebEx, enhancing the platform's capabilities and providing users with a comprehensive collaboration experience. Additionally, Cisco Spaces prioritizes security and compliance, implementing features such as end-to-end encryption and adherence to industry standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data shared within the platform.

Before we move on to the main 11 reasons why you should upgrade your network with Cisco Spaces, let us take a close look at the top 5 features of Cisco Spaces for business.

1 - Access from a single dashboard

Centralize control and visibility into location services via a single dashboard with 24/7 monitoring and end-to-end service-level agreements (SLAs) to help ensure performance.

2 - Maintain a trusted workplace

Set up workplace density thresholds to monitor the number of employees and customers in buildings. Gain insights on behaviours like frequency and duration of visits to understand how spaces are being used.

3 - Optimize your operations

Monitor and track assets based on where they are and how they connect to your wireless network to make business processes and operations more efficient and to reduce operation costs.

4 - Expand platform capabilities

Drive business outcomes across industry verticals through an ecosystem of industry-specific partner applications and APIs. Enjoy compatibility with all Cisco wireless solutions, including Wi-Fi 6.

5 - Seamlessly onboard guests

Work seamlessly with Cisco Open Roaming, a powerful way to keep your guests connected via uninterrupted, secure Wi-Fi onboarding.

Now let's talk about the benefits that Cisco Spaces brings for your business and teams, enhancing their collaboration and communication processes.

Integration with Cisco Ecosystem: Cisco Spaces may offer seamless integration with other Cisco products and services. If your organization already uses Cisco networking equipment or communication tools, choosing Cisco Spaces could provide a more unified and streamlined experience.

Unified Collaboration Platform: Cisco Spaces provides a centralized platform where teams can communicate, share files, conduct meetings and manage tasks, streamlining collaboration efforts within a unified interface.

Real-time Communication: The platform offers real-time messaging, voice and video conferencing capabilities, enabling instant communication and fostering quick decision-making processes among team members, regardless of their locations.

Virtual Rooms: Cisco Spaces allows users to create virtual rooms for specific projects or teams. These rooms serve as dedicated spaces where team members can collaborate, share updates and work on tasks together, promoting focused discussions and organized collaboration.

Seamless Integration: Cisco Spaces integrates seamlessly with other Cisco collaboration tools, such as Cisco WebEx, creating a cohesive ecosystem. This integration enhances functionality and ensures a smooth experience for users who utilize multiple Cisco services.

File Sharing and Document Management: Users can easily share files, documents, and multimedia content within Cisco Spaces. The platform offers robust document management features, allowing teams to collaborate on files in real time, track changes and maintain version control.

Task and Project Management: Cisco Spaces includes features for task management, allowing teams to create, assign and track tasks within virtual rooms. This helps in organizing work, setting priorities and monitoring progress effectively.

Security and Compliance: Cisco Spaces prioritizes security, offering features like end-to-end encryption to safeguard communication and data shared within the platform. The platform also adheres to industry standards and compliance requirements, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

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Flexibility and Scalability: Cisco Spaces is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it suitable for small teams as well as large enterprises. Organizations can customize the platform to meet their specific collaboration needs and scale it according to their requirements.

Enhanced Productivity: By providing a collaborative and organized workspace, Cisco Spaces helps teams work more efficiently and productively. It reduces the time spent searching for information, streamlines communication and fosters a collaborative environment conducive to productivity.

Improved Team Engagement: The platform promotes active participation and engagement among team members. Features like virtual rooms, real-time messaging and multimedia sharing enhance team collaboration and encourage participation, leading to more engaged and motivated teams.


If you are a business that is looking to succeed through a network that has the potential to help drive business outcomes, look no further than Cisco Spaces. Cisco Spaces can easily help you to create a workplace that's smart, seamless and completely safe. Know more about it and get started today.


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Author : Anadi Bhardwaj