Cisco provides a full range of advanced & compelling enterprise-grade online video conferencing and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes. Cisco conferencing products are based on an integrated, end-to-end architecture that uses the intelligent network for comprehensive, better user experiences that are highly secure and reliable.


Cisco IX 5000

A three 70-inch LED
display video system.

Cisco MX800D

A dual 70-inch LED
display video system.

Cisco MX800

A single 70-inch LED LCD
display video system.

Cisco MX700

A dual 55-inch LED LCD
display video system.

Cisco MX300

A single 55-inch LED LCD
display video system.

Cisco MX200

A single 42-inch LED LCD
display video system.

Cisco DX80

A 23-inch touch display
video system.

Cisco DX70

A 14-inch touch display
video system.

Cisco IP Phone 8845/8865

A five line endpoint with HD camera and
5-inch display.

Cisco SX80 Codec

The TelePresence video collaboration engine.

Cisco SX20 Quick Set

A flexible system for turning any flat panel
display into a telepresence system.

Cisco Cameras

Designed to work in any meeting space with
an optimised video experience.

Cisco Microphones

Designed for crystal clear sound pick-up in
any meeting space.

Cisco User Interface

A 10-inch capacitive touch screen to
manage video calls, share content and
access advanced features.

Cisco SX10 Quick Set

Enables video in small meeting spaces
with any existing screen.


Intelligent Proximity

Automatically pair your device with an endpoint to enable a range of features which will improve the meeting experience.

Spark Experience

Spark lets you collaborate with chat, video calling, screen and content sharing from any device with amazing quality.


Optimize the use of screen real estate with better video quality.


See the active speaker in full view in this optimal, continuous meeting experience.

Presenter Track

The presenter is framed automatically without manual camera control, even when the presenter is moving. Smooth and professional camera panning.

Audio Experience

Low latency and world-class signal processing natural reproduction of speech for clear communication. High fidelity speakers with deep base for sharing media with rich sound content.

In-Room Control

Touch 10, a single touch control point for the whole meeting experience. Set-up room controls like lighting, blinds and climate as well as schedule the room and the meetings. Drag & drop components to create custom control interface.

Why us?

Telecraft offers a complete HD video conferencing portfolio for universal visual communication from any end point over any network without requiring expensive network upgrades. And the combination of features rolled into one application – including chat, content and video sharing, and recording – is intuitive and built to meet your needs.

Telecraft can help your business take communication to the next level by fitting a bespoke video conferencing solution in your office. We’re dedicated to the installation of high-quality audio visual equipment, and will work closely with your team to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. The systems delivered are designed with ease of use in mind, and we also provide training for your staff to ensure that your organisation can get the most out the new equipment.

Rather than simply supplying your business with the basic video conferencing technology, we aim to maximise your meeting room’s potential by creating a fully integrated, future-proof system.


“Telecraft engineers were very professional and installed our video conferencing system within the quoted time frame. We now use video conferencing over IP on a regular basis and would use them again.” - Mr. K.K. Mishra (CIO), Everest Industries limited

“Telecraft provided us with a detailed overview of the installation of video conferencing system and indeed training and support. We are very happy with the company and will continue to use their video conferencing services.” - Mr. Harsh Bhardwaj (Manager IT), Discovery Channel

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